Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stay with my child during exams?

Absolutely!  It’s very important that your child be at ease at the office. We also want you, the parent, to be at ease and watch us in action. Being there with us during treatment also gives you the chance to ask any questions you may have.

My child is not very cooperative. How do you deal with a child who doesn’t want to be at the dentist?

We understand that some children, and even their parents, can have some anxiety associated with going to the dentist. This is why going to a pediatric dentist is important and different than taking your child to a general dentist. Dr. Christy’s additional two years of training allow her to determine appropriate behavior management, as well as offer multiple treatment options. Again, rest assured that Dr. Christy will always put her patients’ best interests first.

When should my child start regular dental care?

Ideally, your child should have his/her first dental visit between 6 – 12 months of age. Starting care this early has many benefits for you and your child. Starting this young provides a dental home, which can establish a lifetime of good dental care. It also allows us to catch any dental disease early, making it easier to treat.

How long does a typical exam or procedure take?

Routine exams take only about 20 minutes, but other exams or procedures can take quite a bit longer. We know children can get fidgety if they have to sit still for very long, so we make sure to keep their minds occupied and keep appointments as short as possible.

What’s the difference between a pediatric dentist and a family dentist who is good with kids?

Think of a pediatric dentist as you would a pediatrician for medical care. A pediatric dentist has additional years of dental training specifically on children’s oral development and care. Our approach to treatment is geared to children. We never treat children as if they are just small adults. We don’t expect them to handle a more complex procedure with complete patience. We design our exams and procedures specially to work for children.